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Transplant Medications

More than 20,000 organ transplants are performed in the United States each year. Undergoing a surgery or transplant is very painful and complex when it comes to obtaining the necessary transplant medications that a patient may need. Echo Drugs Pharmacy in New York specializes in transplant medications that are vital to an organ transplant patient and they’re quality of life. Our initiative is to recognize the medications you need, manage your medication program, understand how the medication works and what side effects a patient may have to deal with.

A team of expert pharmacists collaborates with doctors and physicians in order to monitor patient’s response to medication and how they react to certain drugs. As being a leading National Pharmacy in the USA, we work harder to fulfill all the formalities from a patient’s behalf to secure the authorization needs. This includes the coverage of transplant drugs post-surgery from insurance companies. We put our patients on priority and prepare primary and secondary Medicare billing as needed.

Echo Drugs Pharmacy in New York has an expert team of pharmacists that do more than just prescribe post-surgery medications. We guide and assist our patients in being well informed, educated and successful in their transplant medication regime. We take pride in our pharmacists, case managers and technicians who go above and beyond to make every patient’s life easier and better!

Transplant medications are available for all organ transplants for instant supply, by prescription only. Our patients can feel free to contact us at (718) 782-0101 for all their needs!