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Biologic Prescription

Echo Care Pharmacy is aimed at fulfilling the urgent needs of patients who are in need of Biologics medications and our New York location carries a wide array of biologic prescription drugs for vaccines, gene therapy, somatic cells, blood components and mainly for curing arthritis. Inflammation of eyes, blood disorders, certain types of cancers, seizures and multiple sclerosis are the common health conditions or disorders that require biologic meds. 

Biologics medications are derived from proteins from human genes that make these drugs distinctive from normal drugs, as well as more effective and is available here at our New York location only by prescription. We promptly perform authorization confirmation’s in order to avail the doctors’ prescribed medication to our patients. This includes ongoing communication with physician’s and biologics drug manufacturers or the nearest distributor in order to cut down on delivery time. We strive on helping all our New York patients with delivery all over New York State and offer licensed and insured drivers for all of our healthcare deliveries. 

At Echo Care Pharmacy, we do more than fill prescriptions. We accommodate all our patients with a complete personalized approach in our pharmacy services. Our goal is to offer prompt drug delivery and disease-focused care plans to our patient’s biologic medications treatments.