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The pharmacists and staff at Echo Care Specialty have a direct responsibility to support your health and that of your family.

As an integral part of your health, our pharmacists complete your healthcare with a wide variety of pharmacy services:

  • Prescriptions filled quickly and accurately
  • Consultation with you to help you understand your medications
  • Discussion with your physician in the event of contraindications in your prescriptions
  • Help you choose from our complete selection of over-the-counter remedies
  • Provide informational services as needed to support your health

Are you a patient?

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For patients with speech impairment and hearing impairment disabilities:

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(information on this website is updated periodically )

  1. To place prescription have your medical provider e-scribe prescription to Echo Care Specialty Pharmacy.
  2. Refills can be obtained on the pharmacy website by registered patient only and following directions after securely logging in.
  3. In case of emergency or disaster, please call pharmacist on emergency duty at the following number: 917-520-5257  (emergency text is available).
  4. To check on the prescription status, please check with pharmacy coordinator. Call 1-888-782-3031,  or email us: Please provide your name and name of the medication you are anticipating to receive.
  5. Substitution of the less costly medication is up to the discretion of your medical provider and the option of less costly medication need. Please discuss with our staff pharmacist, who will communicate with your medical provider.
  6. If you need to transfer a prescription to your choice of pharmacy, please inform our pharmacy team by calling the main number or emailing us with your request to; we will transfer the order immediately.
  7. Prescription of non-availability will be triaged immediately to a specialty pharmacy that has the capability to fill the order, patient and medical provider will be notified immediately.
  8. Medication recalls are monitored by pharmacy staff. If your Rx lot number was recalled, you will be contacted immediately to stop taking the medication, and our staff will pick up the recalled prescription from your possession and will notify your medical provider to go over medication regimen.
  9. Disposing of drugs: Please call pharmacy staff on the main number, 718-782-3030. Tell the pharmacy staff that you need to dispose of medication. We will schedule pick up. All disposed of medications go into Rx trash for medical trash.
  10. Any adverse reactions, errors, or concerns to report, please call pharmacy main number 718-782-3030. Ask for staff pharmacist, who will handle your matter.